Hiking Trails Menorca – 1/2 day

We have a wide variety of half-day tours around the island. Here are some of them in more detail so you can choose yours. The length of the route is estimated for a gentle pace and stopping at the most emblematic spots. In spring and summer it includes a swim in a pristine beach.

Many routes can be stretched, shortened or changed depending on the customer. Consult possibilities.
El precio por persona es de 40€. En el caso de grupos, consultar precio.

Virgin beaches of Es Migjorn

Coastal path visiting the most inaccessible beaches of southern Menorca: Binigaus, Cala Escorxada, Cala Fustam, Cala Trebaluger and Calas Mitjaneta and Mitjana. White sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and forests up to the sea, with no access by car. Fantastic route for lovers of the sea, nature and beautiful beaches.

Distance:9 km
Estimated Time: 4/5 hours (with stops)
Difficulty: Average



The east coast of the natural park of S’Albufera des Grau

This route follows the east coast of the only natural park on the island, with an initial visit to the central point, the Albufera des Grau. The route alternates stretches of coastline with indoor sections, visiting countless small coves (Cala Tamarells, Sa Turret, Cala En Cavaller, Arenal de Morella, Cala Presili …), places of great ecological value and traces of the recent history of Menorca . It ends at the foot of one of the most unique lighthouses of the western Mediterranean, the beacon of Favàritx.

Distance: 8 km
Estimated Time: 4/5 hours (with stops)
Difficulty: Average / easily


The ravines of Son Boter and Binigaus

The route runs through the inside of two of the most iconic cliffs of the island, the ravine of Son Boter and Binigaus and a small stretch of coastline that connects them. On this route we will enjoy spectacular rock formations, an exuberant nature and some of the many caves of the island (Sa Cova des Coloms i Sa Cova de s’Aigu) and ethnological remains of rural Menorca.

Distance: 10.4 km
Estimated Time: 5 hours (with stops in the most emblematic spots)
Difficulty: Average


Ravine of Algendar and “Es Pas d’en Revull”

The route starts just outside the village of Ferreries. Following the Royal Road we will reach es Canelo at the top of the ravine of Algendar, from which we descend the gorge and visit the bucolic and enigmatic “Pas d’en Revull “. Many legends refer to the human presence in this ravine, the largest of the island, which hides its own nature and flora that fuse with various fruit trees. On the top of the ravine we will descend to resume it at its end to reach the mouth of the stream in Cala Galdana.

Distance: 9.80 km
Estimated Time:
4/5 hours (with stops in the most emblematic spots)


The Binigaus ravine and its caves

This circular route starts and ends in the smallest town of the island, Es Mercadal. On a rural road that runs between Talayotic villages we enter the ravine of Binigaus where we will enjoy its nature and visit the Cova Des Coloms, the largest cave of Menorca, and Na Pulida. After a rest in the paradisiacal beach of Binigaus, we go back to Es Mercadal through an adjacent small ravine. The nature and rural Menorca merge into a spectacular route.

Distance: 7.85 km
Estimated Time: 4/5 hours (with stops in caves and beach)
Difficulty: Average/Easy


Walking along the forest
of Alfurí and Algendar

The route runs in the shadow of one of the most forested areas of the island. In this journey ancestral forests with centenarian oaks are mixed with pristine beaches (El Pilar, La Vall …), wonders of nature as the Macar of Alfurinet, rural areas … and all in a spectacular setting with unique and wild nature. The colours of the rocks, the green of the leaves and the blue sea come together to create one of the most beautiful landscapes of the island.

Distance: 9.45 km
Estimated Time: 4/5 (with stops)
Difficulty: Average


The smugglers trail

This circular route starts and ends in the small cove of Sant Esteve, we find traces of a troubled past as the Castle of San Felipe, Fort Marlborough and the Tower d’En Penjat. The first part flows out near the coast, following ancient paths of great beauty used in the past by smugglers and fishermen. Once in the small Rafalet creek a haunted forest of oaks leads us to the inner journey through lands of Binissaida that lead us back to the point of origin.

Distance: 7.85 km
Estimated Time:
4h (with stops)
Average / Easy



The Tramontana coast

The north coast, from Tramontana, has been shaped over the centuries by the action of wind and sea. North of the town of Es Mercadal, nature has dramatically adapted to difficulties, creating a unique landscape, where the colour of the rocks, sea, plants and acts of men have made this one of the most picturesque areas of the island. The route begins at the Cape of Cavalleria, and during the coast trip we pass through some of the most picturesque beaches of Menorca (Cavalleria, Ferragut, Cala Mica, Binimal·là or Pregonda).

6’5 kmEstimated Time: 3 / 4 hours (with stops)


The fire route

This is without doubt the toughest coastal route the island offers. Continued drops make it a challenge that is rewarded by stunning views of the rugged north coast and the diversity of environments and scenery. Through interior and coastal paths we get to some of the least visited beaches of Menorca as Cala’n Calderé or Cala Barril, we visit points of high landscape value and enjoy a different environment that is captivating at all times.

Distance: 7.975 km
Estimated Time: 4/5 hours
Difficulty: Average / High



South beaches of Ciutadella

This route, of a virtually flat profile, it combines rocky areas with woodlands, disturbed only by the small coves that we find on the road and ravines. Here we find some of the most famous beaches of the island Macarella, Macarelleta, Cala’n Turqueta, es Talaier and Son Saura. The mosaic of landscapes offers the opportunity to discover a wide variety of natural environments dotted with beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

Distance: 7.990 km
Estimated Time: 4/5 hours (with stops)
Difficulty: Average / Easy



OTHER ROUTES OFFERED (ask us for information)

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