Who we are

Menorca Walking Birds offers you expert guides in ornithology, flora, nature and experienced hikers, with extensive experience in the industry, knowledgeable of all the fauna and flora of the island, and of the most remote and beautiful spots, its history and peculiarities of Menorca.

The role of our guides is to get close to the birds, flora and fauna of the island, help identify them, take you to the most beautiful and wild sites, and guide you on your trips, whether in nature or sports.


Our Guide

Our guide is called Javier Mendez and he is from Menorca. A lover of nature and especially birds. What started as a hobby, has transformed over time into something more than a hobby: into a way of life. In recent years he has conducted major ornithological projects like “The Winter Atlas of the Birds of Menorca 2007-11″ or “The Breeding Bird Atlas of the Albufera des Grau National Park”. He is an expert on the birdlife of Menorca. This fact and his dedication, have led him to write numerous articles in professional journals, “New contributions to the knowledge of breeding birds of Menorca (Balearic Islands) 1997-2011″, “The common House Martin Delichon urbicum situation during breading season 2010-2011″,”First citations on nesting of the Ferruginous Duck Aythya nyroca in the Balearic Islands”… He is the coordinator of numerous studies tracking Menorca’s birds and for seven years was the secretary general of the Ornithological Society of Menorca (SOM), of which he is a founding member.

On the sporting line, he is a sport and physical activities coordinator in the natural environment, sports technician, and hiking, kayaking and mountain bike monitor. For 10 years he has worked as sports instructor on the island of Menorca, guiding tourists and residents around every corner of the island. This experience coupled with his naturalistic side, have made him an expert on Menorca and an accomplished guide.